A Chili For Every Taste

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White Chili
Eating Well

White Chili

Just because you don't eat meat or tomatoes doesn't mean you can't eat chili.



Forty Shades of Green Salad

From Fine Cooking

A light green salad is a wonderful complement – and light start – to a meal of hearty and rich chilis.



Miraval’s Vegetarian Chili

From Tastebook

A hearty and chunky chili, full of nutrients and fiber, which will fill you up before it fills you out.


Chocolate, Stout and Ancho Chili Con Carne

From I Really Like Food

A completely meat-based chili that can also be repurposed as a baked potato topper, on top of pasta, or baked into a calzone.


Super Spicy Super Steelers Super Bowl Chili

From Cucina Testa Rossa

For those who like heat, here’s a chili for you. Not spicy enough? We dare you to add scotch bonnets.


Turkey Chili

From Avocado Bravado

A lighter alternative to the hearty classic, thanks to turkey.


Brisket Chili

From TheDailyMeal.com

A deeply flavored chili with the unexpected addition of pumpkin.


Beef and Two Bean Chili

From TheDailyMeal.com

A sweet yet spicy perfectly balanced chili, full of beef, beans, and vegetables.


White Chili

From Eating Well

A perfect alternative to a tomato-based chili, this option is full of white beans and turkey. Goes well with cheese, sour cream, and a wedge of lime.


Garnishes and Sides:


Baked Potatoes

Corn Chips

Grated Cheese

Sour Cream


Chopped Tomatoes


Sliced avocado