Chile Bans Happy Meal Toys And More News

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Chile Bans Fast-Food Toys: Chile will no longer allow toys in children's fast-food meals, especially at McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King. [Huffington Post]

Caviar Crackdown Worked: Fifteen years ago, groups moved to push for more ethical caviar; now, people in the industry say the regulations worked. [New York Times]

IHOP Chain Faces Cut: Among 100 jobs cut, the president of IHOP, Jean Birch, will be stepping down. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Bartender Won't File Charges Against Cuba Gooding Jr.: The New Orleans bartender at Old Absinthe House says the actor pushed him; police issued an arrest warrant for misdomeanor charges. [Washington Post]

Climate Change Affecting World's Oysters: The Pacific Northwest's supply of oysters has been affected by climate change, scientists say. The count of oysters from the region has dramatically dropped. [NPR]