5-Year-Old Boy Killed at Rotating Restaurant in Georgia

A little boy was caught in the rotating floor of Georgia’s Sun Dial restaurant

A little boy was killed after being caught in the rotating floor of the Sun Dial restaurant at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta.

A little boy visiting from out of town was tragically killed Friday after becoming trapped in the floor of the rotating restaurant at the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta.

According to 11 Alive NBC, the five-year-old was having lunch at the Sun Dial restaurant, a rotating restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, on Friday, April 14. The restaurant is a very popular tourist attraction, in large part because the rotating restaurant is on the 70th floor and offers full views of the city. Police say the boy’s parents were at the table and the boy was just four or five feet away when he somehow got caught between the rotating floor and the wall. The space is only four or five inches, and the boy was crushed by the rotating mechanism.

People in the restaurant rushed to help and first-responders were on the scene in moments, but the boy had sustained serious head injuries. He died at the hospital later that day.

The restaurant reportedly has sensors so the floor stops immediately if something is caught underneath it, but by the time the sensors registered the boy’s presence it was already too late.


The restaurant will reportedly be closed for the rest of the weekend.