Child Kicked Off School Trip in the UK for Eating Chocolate

11-year-old was left 160 miles from home

Holli was keeping the chocolate in secret. Photo Modified: Flickr/Magic Madzik

On a week long break in Wight in the United Kingdom, 11-year-old Holli McCan was caught sneaking chocolate bars and was eventually separated from the group as punishment, the Telegraph is reporting.

After writing about the snack in a letter home to her parents, she was found out when one of her teachers opened up the sealed envelope. Upon the discovery, her room was strip searched as if the teacher was “running an international drug smuggling operation.”

She was thrown off the school-sponsored trip, and was left at the hotel until her mother could retrieve her. If her mother could not come, Holli would have to attend all of the activities without participating.

The trip took McCann 160 miles round trip from her home in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. The £160 long trip is not the only inconvenience for McCann, who saved up £300 for the field trip despite the fact that she is unemployed to take care of her autistic son.


The family feels as though their privacy has been breached, and that they were not making noise or being disruptive. While the school failed to provide a comment, Hertfordshire County Council stands by their decision.