Chicken Beak To Tailfeather: 6 Restaurants, 10 Delicacies

Nose-to-tail eating of pigs and cows has gotten more mainstream in recent years, but eating chicken beak-to-tailfeather is not quite as commonplace. Sure, you've eaten chicken liver and picked at crispy fried skin, but how often have you eaten these things by themselves? You can find chicken offal in a variety of cuisines: gribenes in Jewish cooking, chicken feet in Chinese cooking, cock's comb in Italian and Spanish dishes (Casa Mono in New York has done a wonderful rendition). But one of the easiest ways to experience many of them at once (and at one restaurant) is at Japanese restaurants serving yakitori. Following are chicken parts you may not be as used to, and a slideshow of some yakitori joints across the country where you can find them.

Bonchiri Tail
Hiza Nankotsu Soft knee-bone
Momo Chicken thigh
Negima Chicken thigh with scallion
Reba Liver
Chicken Oyster
Hatsu Chicken heart
Seseri Neck
Sunagimo Chicken gizzard
Kawa Chicken skin

Click Here for the Chicken Beak-to-Tailfeather Slide Show.