Chick-Fil-A's Peppermint Chocolate-Chip Milkshake Is Shaking Up The Season

Dash through the snow, or sleet, or sunshine, to Chick-fil-A to scoop up the chicken chain's peppermint-chocolate-chip milkshake, back on the menu for a limited time only. The chain describes the shake as being "hand-spun the old-fashioned way,"  made with Chick-fil-A Icedream, and featuring bits of peppermint and chocolate candies, topped off with whipped cream and a cherry.

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This refreshing winter treat is a fan favorite for some. Fans responded to a Chick-fil-A tweet announcing the drink's return with such messages as, "I'm pumped!" and "I'm getting this after work."

The frosty shake is on the menu only from now until Jan. 5. And it's more than a beverage. It's also the main ingredient in the chain's divine-sounding Peppermint Milkshake Pie. That recipe involves a chocolate-cookie pie crust (homemade or storebought), one or two of the shakes, and a whipped-cream and candy topping.

This experi-mint sounds decadently delicious, but Chick-fil-A doesn't have stores in all regions of the U.S. The chain has offered a strange little statistic for the areas that do have locations, however: Chick-fil-A made a list of which 10 cities order this particular shake the most. Erie, Pennsylvania tops the list, followed by Lansing, Michigan in the No. 2 spot. Shake things up with a look at the world's freakiest milkshakes.