Chicago's Legendary Maxim's Leaves The Auction Block

After being on the auction block for the past four months, Chicago's Maxim's: The Nancy Goldberg International Center will soon have new ownership and a new purpose. The bidding to secure possession of the renowned Chicago landmark ended March 25, and a winner is soon to be announced.

Although the auction is over, one burning question still remains. Geoff Goldberg, the son of the original owners, is eager to know if the space will be renovated completely into "something more utilitarian, like a gym" or if it will stay true to its French design and Old Hollywood roots, according to Eater.

Considering Maxim's exciting history, it makes sense why he is concerned. The restaurant opened in 1963 as an attempt to replicate the famous Maxim's in Paris, and it soon because a popular celebrity hangout for Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen, and Rod Steiger. In 2000, the Goldberg family donated the space to the city and it was soon used for private events such as weddings or galas. Now, Goldberg does not want to see that history thrown away.

Seeing that bidding is over, the purpose of the historic building is up in the air. However, one hint has been dropped.

"The space, in theory, could be used for whatever zoning allows. Virtually all of the interest is from restaurateurs and club owners," deputy commissioner for the Department of Housing and Economic Development Peter Strazzabosco explained.

By the looks of it, the historic landmark will probably find use in the restaurant, bar, or nightclub industry. However, Strazzabosco did not mention its historic roots and has not determined the exact date to announce the winner. So it looks like Goldberg will have to sit tight a little longer to find out the destiny of his parents' legacy.

Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer at the Daily Meal. Follow her on twitter at @skylerbouchard.