Happy Hour Might Soon Be Legal In Chicago Again

"Happy hour" is technically illegal in Chicago due to a local law that prohibits all-you-can drink offers or lower-priced drink specials during certain hours, but it looks like that law might be scrapped soon thanks to a new bill making its way through the Illinois legislature. If passed, Chicagoans could look forward to the same cheap after-work drink specials people enjoy in other states.

According to DNA Info, happy hour drink specials have been illegal in Illinois since 1989, but a new bill called the Culinary and Hospitality Modernization Act would allow restaurants and bars to offer lower-priced alcohol specials for up to four hours a day and 15 hours a week. The bill would still prohibit volume discounts like two-for-one deals and would bar alcohol discounts after 10 p.m., but otherwise it would make a cheaper after-work beer possible.

The bill already passed the Illinois House on Thursday and is expected to go before the Illinois Senate sometime in the next few weeks. The bill is expected to pass.