Chicago Considers Letting Strip Clubs Sell Alcohol

Chicago’s strip clubs are currently BYOB
Chicago skyline


The Chicago City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow strip clubs in the city to sell alcohol.

Chicago’s lawmakers are considering opening up a new income stream to the city’s purveyors of nude entertainment with a new bill that would allow strip clubs in the city to also serve alcohol.

According to Chicagoist, Chicago strip clubs that have female topless dancers cannot get a liquor license, which means they have to be BYOB. But a new ordinance going before the City Council next week would allow topless dancing and liquor sales to take place under the same roof.

Alderwoman Emma Mitts sponsored the bill, saying that it would help regulate the strip clubs, because customers would be able to cut off customers for getting too drunk.

The new ordinance would also include a community benefit agreement that would have strip club owners paying $400,000 towards the creation of a domestic violence center and sexual assault prevention program.


The ordinance is scheduled to be voted on next week, and if it passes it would go into effect in May.