Chic French in Green Setting


Situated right across from Pershing Park, Café du Parc looks like a tree-lined bit of Paris among downtown’s corporate buildings.  If you hadn’t walked past the White House on the way here, you could almost pretend you were in France.  Al fresco dining is enhanced further by the flowerboxes that surround the tables, and elegant waiters drift about in that way you can only find in authentically French restaurants.

While you can indulge on the gorgeous bowl of mussels steamed in white wine, shallots, garlic, and parsley ($19.95), your pickier friends will be equally pampered.  There is simpler but still quality fare, such as fresh cut pasta with butter and Parmesan ($5.95), grilled chicken, and chocolate mousse.  Even the French fries come served in a small red glazed bowl.