Japan Has Cherry Blossom Curry, and It’s Pink

A Japanese hotel is celebrating spring with flower-scented pink curry

The Niigata-Naeba Prince Hotel in Japan is celebrating spring with a special cherry blossom curry, and it's actually pink.

Every spring in Japan the cherry blossoms start blooming, and the cherry blossom-flavored food starts appearing. There are cherry blossom candies and pastries, of course, but there are also things like cherry blossom Coca-Cola and cherry blossom Frappuccinos. Now one hotel is selling a special, limited-edition cherry blossom curry, and it’s pink.

According to Rocket News 24, the Restaurant Azalea in the Niigata-Naeba Prince Hotel in Niigata Prefecture is selling the sakura curry from April 29 through May 7, and it really is pink.

The pink curry is flavored with cherry blossoms to make it sweet and fragrant like flowers, but it actually gets its light pink color from beets. It still tastes like curry, though, so it’s a little bit spicy in addition to being a little bit sweet from the beets and flowers.


Cherry blossom curry with beef, lamb, or chicken might be a bit of a hard sell, so the pink curry is served with white rice and a little bit of broccoli and a few slices of lotus root and potato. It’s very delicate and unusual, and the trendy pink color will look spectacular on Instagram.