Japan Gets Set To Welcome Spring With Cherry Blossom Beer

It's not quite cherry blossom season yet in Japan, but with the oddly warm weather in recent days, it seems there's a good chance the pink flowers are imminent. When they do come, Sankt Gallen brewery will be ready with its new cherry blossom beer.

According to Rocket News 24's Casey Baseel, Sankt Gallen is a craft brewery that has several unusual flavors, including an apple cinnamon beer made with real apples. The brewery's famed seasonal cherry blossom beer is made using actual cherry blossom petals and leaves, and it's also brewed with wheat germ. It's described as crisp and refreshing and not particularly hoppy, which sounds like it'd make it very good for drinking during spring, maybe while looking at all the cherry blossoms once they come out.

The cherry blossom beer is a seasonal product and it only turns up in spring. It's available in stores in Japan and online now, but only until the beginning of April.

The Sankt Gallen cherry blossom beer is only available in Japan, but everyone else can check out some of our best cherry blossom recipes for some ideas for other things to do with the flowers when they come.