Chelsea Market May Add On Hotel, Despite Resistance

The New York City food market (and home to the Oreo) is in talks to develop a hotel, but conservationists are against it

Could the foodie center of New York City (and birthplace of the Oreo) the Chelsea Market, one day be a hotel? One development company hopes so, but conservationists — and those we presume against longer lines at The Lobster Place — are fighting against the plans.

Jamestown Properties has been advocating to add on a two-tower structure to be converted to a hotel or office spaces, and says it will attract more business and growth, reports the Associated Press.

Michael Phillips, chief operating officer for Jamestown, told the AP that the move could attract more Silicon Valley companies (Google and Food Network already operate there) and more tourists. More than 15,000 tourists visit the Chelsea Market per year. After all, he said, "This is the American epicenter of food culture."

But those wanting to preserve the historic buildings are vehemently opposed to the move, and say they want to protect the neighborhood feel of Greenwich Village. Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, said to the AP, "...Plopping an office tower or a hotel on top of it will only take away from what makes it so successful and attractive to New Yorkers and tourists alike.”

Nothing is set in stone yet: Jamestown's plans must first be approved by a vote, and could be decided by a vote from the City Council.