Chefs Tweet the Darndest Things

A collection of chefs' musings and frustrations taken out on social media
Chefs Tweet the Darndest Things
Credit iStock/Studio Three Dots

Everyone knowa that comedians, food critics, and personalities have silly things to say (via Twitter, of course) about their meals or daily food musings. But wouldn’t chefs have the best thoughts on the matters? After rounding up some silly tweets from the aforementioned tweeters, we took a closer look at what some famous chefs are using the medium for, and we decided: chefs say the darndest things!

And who can blame them? They deal with madness all day, (whether it comes from the kitchen or their cookbook tours or from their various TV shows) deal with massive dining rooms into all hours of the evening, and are constantly being pressured to outdo themselves time and again. It's no wonder they turn on each other, their tweets come out looking like madness, or they use their dark twisted humor to make light of the situation. See what we mean below.