At The Chef's Table: René Redzepi Part 3

In our series "At the Chef's Table," we take a look at the careers of some of the greatest chefs in the business. In this month's installment we are profiling René Redzepi, of the internationally acclaimed Noma in Copenhagen. The chef, whose restaurant is currently ranked number two on San Pellegrino's World's 50 Best Restaurants list, sat down with us recently at his restaurant in Denmark.

In part three of our series we discuss Redzepi's apprenticeships, including time at elBulli and The French Laundry. Redzepi recounts his first trip to elBulli and how it set him off on a totally new path. He notes, "Of course we knew something was going on, we knew something was special... It was just a reboot from thinking the whole world cooks French food."

For more from Redzepi, including how Alinea's Grant Achatz got him a job at The French Laundry, watch the video above. And look out for part four coming next Monday!