At The Chef's Table: René Redzepi Part 2

In our series "At the Chef's Table," we take a look at the careers of some of the greatest chefs in the business. In this month's installment we are profiling René Redzepi of the internationally acclaimed Noma in Copenhagen. The chef, whose restaurant is currently ranked number one on San Pellegrino's World's 50 Best Restaurants list, sat down with us recently at his restaurant in Denmark.

In part two of our interview we discuss his time at cooking school and his early apprenticeships. Redzepi credits a culinary competition during school as the impetus for getting serious about his career. "And that I remember very specificially, once we sat down — me and Michael — and thinking to ourselves 'How do we win this? What are we going to do?', that was the adult moment. The first time where i felt, OK, I'm becoming an adult right now... Because I was searching for what to cook. How do you just choose?" he says. He details how he came to choose a dish for the competition and the chain of events that followed, including apprenticeships both in Denmark and France.

For more from Redzepi, including why it was so important that he stayed at his first job for a full four years, watch the video above. And look out for part three coming next Monday!