Chefs Predict 2014’s Dining and Culinary Trends

More than 25 top chefs weighed in

Chef Dale Talde predicts that we'll see more mash-ups of what chefs grew up eating in 2014.

If there’s one group of people that can be counted on to make some dependable culinary and dining predictions for the year ahead, it has to be chefs. After all, they’re the ones who work closely with food every day, right? We reached out to several dozen of the country’s leading chefs, including Wolfgang Puck, Marc Murphy, Tony Mantuano, David Burke, and Rick Bayless, and asked them what they think we can expect from the year ahead. In the end, more than 25 contributed their opinions. 

Chefs Predict 2014’s Dining and Culinary Trends (Slideshow)

It’s never easy to predict what dining trends will take shape in the year ahead, but it’s always interesting to learn what leading chefs and restaurateurs think we can expect (restaurateur Joe Bastianich also weighed in). When asked for their opinion, many chefs simply shrug their shoulders and reply, "If I knew that, I’d be rich!" (In fact, that’s Puck’s usual response.) But all of the chefs we spoke with, including Puck, contributed some compelling, concrete ideas for what we can expect in the coming year. 


So read on to learn what some of the country’s most prominent chefs believe we can look forward to in 2014. From more Sardinian food to healthier kids’ menus, from dim sum getting an American twist to more Asian mustard greens and Nepalese steamed dumplings, and from more vegetable-focused dishes to more roast chicken, we certainly hope that more than a few of these predictions come true.