Chefs Cut Back in the Pursuit of Success

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Two chefs sacrifice personal gain for the benefit of their restaurants
Chef Sacrifices
Le Lisita

Chef Sacrifices


Running a business is rarely easy. In the thick of things bosses often have to make decisions that they believe will benefit the success of their venture even if that means making sacrifices. This week, two chef-owners sacrificed personal success to ensure the health of their businesses.

• Chef Returns Michelin Star: French chef Olivier Douet has decided to give back the Michelin star awarded to his restaurant, Le Lisita, in order to make ends meet. While Douet is thrilled to have been awarded the gastronomic accolade, the cost of upholding Michelin-level meal prices has taken a grave toll on his business. 

• Chef Shares Restaurant Ownership With Employees: Chef-owner Francis Marincola decided to give 50 percent ownership of his restaurant, Caffé Luna Rosa, to four employees. Marincola, 72, explained that he plans to cut back his hours drastically, and therefore feels that handing over financial responsibility to trusted employees will ultimately benefit the restaurant

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