Chefs, Food Writers React to Adam Platt’s Dessert Desolation

New York Magazine's Adam Platt has called our modern times 'The Dark Age of Dessert'; the Internet responds

Chefs, Food Writers React to Adam Platt’s Dessert Desolation

Apparently, the sun set on dessert at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 13, 2014. That’s when, in a detailed essay, New York Magazine’s Adam Platt lamented the disappearance of grand and glamorous restaurant desserts, marking a new era in food he calls ‘The Dark Age of Dessert’

Though he yearns for “delicate wisps of îles flottantes,” modern critics only have “the latest gourmet version of carrot cake and endless, mind-numbing procession of fried beignets, churros, and gourmet doughnut holes, all of which taste fine, thank you, but also pretty much the same.”

Now, the city runneth over with desserts that simply aren’t fancy enough for Plattypants, who longs for the “old lions who used to dominate the pastry field.”


In the hours since Platt dubbed the Dark Age of Dessert, chefs and food writers have taken to Twitter to weigh in:

Above, a dessert from Telepan believed to have escaped the Dark Age, though Platt did have a bone to pick with both sundaes and layer cakes...
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