Chefs 6,000 Years Ago Cooked with Spices and More News

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Chefs 6,000 Years Ago Cooked with Spices and More News

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The practice of spicing your food might be older than you think.

We've rounded up the food news you might have missed.

Coffee Snobs in San Francisco: Watch two coffee geeks drink their way through major U.S. cities. First up: San Francisco. Blue Bottle, Fourbarrel, and... Denny's. [Eater]

Deep-Fried Root Beer Floats: Everyone should make these this weekend. Everyone. [Sugarhero]

Clinton's Chef's Secrets: Apparently, the former president's chef would make fettucine Alfredo and cheesecake, except he would trick the Clintons into thinking it was all heavy cream goodness when in fact he was using ingredients like creamed rice and tofu. [Washington Post]

Spiced Food: Looks like humans have been eating spices for far longer than we thought; researchers have discovered mustard grain seeds in cooking pots from some 6,000 years ago. [Nature]

Herring Fog Health Problems: Workers in herring processing plants are reportedly suffering from breathing problems caused by airborne fish particles, bacteria, and mold spores. [Food Quality News]

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Kraft Researching Trans Fat Alternatives: The food corporation is backing research to create a new fat-replacer, like an edible gel or gelling oils. We feel sick. [Food Navigator]