Chef Stories: Couple Hooks Up in Dining Room

Let's add this couple onto the blacklist, shall we?
Wine for Date Night
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Wine for Date Night

Sure, Per Se may have had its share of customers having sex in the bathrooms, but this story makes their escapades seem rather tame.

Grub Street got a tip from chef Jason Santos, who at the time was at Boston's Gargoyles. As he was finishing up late one night, he looked into a dark corner and saw something more than a little risqué. 

"You could see this girl’s head going up and down. I ran back out to the front and shouted to my staff, 'You guys have to see this!'" he told Grub Street. "And, you know, you don’t go up to them and say, 'Pardon me.' You have to just let it happen."

Seriously, how does one react to public displays of sexual affection in the dining room? Other than blacklist the customers, that is. "When someone does something that crazy, how do you even approach it? Am I going to call 911 and say that there’s an emergency? I just had to let it go," Santos said. The couple reportedly finished up and left. Per Se waiters should keep their eye out.