Chef-Designed Dishware Gallery



This pasta dish makes twirling pasta on a fork easy (Look Ma, one hand!). $23


This plate is used to serve rice dishes. The sides of the dish slope down so the rice is elevated and thus the focal point of the dish. $33


With two indentations, or fingerprints, on each side of the dish, the ergonomic design allows the plate to be easily picked up by the diner. The forward-sloping pitch is meant to encourage the diner to bring the dish to his or her nose, as well. $17

“Toc Ii”

Available in two sizes, this 15 ¾-inch platter features an indentation shaped as if a ball was dropped from above. It is perfect for serving dishes with a sauce, as it prevents the sauce from sliding around the plate. Starts at $42


Designed with soups or other fluid dishes in mind. The indentation resembles that of a thumbprint. $17


This deep bowl is designed to allow food to be concentrated at the bottom of the dish. We especially like the handle-like protrusions on each side — doesn’t it make you just want to bring the dish to your mouth? $21