Chef David Burke's Late-Summer Meals

As the summer nears its end and the weather cools down, it's the perfect time to enjoy late-evening meals outdoors. Let's face it, the grill gets pretty hot during the summer, even though we're outside, so be sure to enjoy the cooler evenings to grill and entertain outside before it is time to put away the grill and patio furniture. 

My go-to late-summer recipe is my Minute Steak Recipe, which is literally done in minutes on a hot grill, and served alongside stewed, grilled tomatoes, and tempura-fried peach slices. When it's complemented by a cocktail like warmed apple cider with whiskey or warmed brandy with a pinch of cinnamon, you'll almost be excited to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall.

Click here to see the Minute Steak Recipe