Chef David Burke And Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is amazing how much effort our nation puts into finding a cure for breast cancer. It is truly inspiring how much support goes into the research, from celebrities to NFL players to the individuals who it touches home with. I hope we continue this effort and make strides in finding a cure. I try to do my part during this awareness month here and there, like with my "Pinktini" $1 donation to Bloomingdale's. Along with my Pinktini, I'm always thinking of new recipes that resonate with the event, in other words, pink ones. Here are two of my favorites. Ironically enough, the recipes are great for entertaining and are perfect for any Cook for the Cure party that you're throwing this month. 

Rose Buttercream

The easiest way to add a dash of pink to your dessert is through the icing. This buttercream recipe transforms itself into a beautiful piece of art with a splash of rose water. 


— The Daily Meal Cook Editors





This fresh concoction by chef David Burke combines raspberries, citrus flavors, cranberry juice, and raspberry vodka into a fruit-filled cocktail. Even the garnish-— three skewered raspberries — makes certain that this is one delicious, refreshing cocktail you won't regret. 

— The Daily Meal Drink Editors





Pink Macarons

Macarons can be an intimidating task to take on for novice bakers, but they're actually quite easy to make and are the result of simply whisking egg whites. A drop of red food coloring makes these elegant cookies the perfect sweet to enjoy during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

—  The Daily Meal Cook Editors





David Burke is a world-renowned chef and restaurateur. To read more about him and his restaurants, visit his website and Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter @ChefDavidBurke