Chef Darío Barrio Killed in Base-Jumping Accident

The celebrity chef died in a base-jumping accident in Spain

Celebrity chef Dario Baario died Friday in a tragic base-jumping accident in Spain.

Famed Spanish chef Darío Barrio died Friday night in a tragic base-jumping accident during the International Air Festival in Spain's Jaén Province. He was 42.

According to the International Business Times, Barrio was a very experienced base jumper, but Friday night his wingsuit malfunctioned and he collided with a cliff face. A large festival audience had gathered to watch his jump, and the International Air Festival said it has suspended all activities since the incident.

Barrio was the owner of Dassa Bassa restaurant in Madrid, and had become famous throughout Spain for his appearances on the TV show, Todos Contra el Chef (Everyone Against the Chef).

Many of Barrio’s fellow chefs have taken to Twitter to express their condolences.

“Sad day for cuisine. Dario will always be in our heart,” said Ferran Adria on Twitter.

José Andrés expressed his sorrow at sending “a huge friend to sleep in peace.”


“The sky will eat much better,” he added.