Chef Cooks With Bionic Hand

Montana chef Eduardo Garcia is making headlines, not just because of his cooking, his training, and his experience, but rather for his experience recovering from an accidental electrocution in 2011.

Garcia lost his left hand as a result, and has since been recovering from the electrocution, and rebuilding his career as a chef. This month, KPTV reports, Garcia received a new bionic hand designed by U.K. technology company Touch Bionics. It was fitted by Portland firm Advanced Arm Dynamics, and allows him to use a thumb, grab objects, and turn his wrist with his arm muscles.

According to The Huffington Post, the hand can grip in 25 different ways, allowing Garcia to even slice and seed a vanilla bean pod.

Watch him use his prosthetic hand below, then check out Citizen Pictures' touching story about his recovery, where he notes, "It's OK to not be as efficient as you were. You'll get it, you'll get it, you'll get it."