Chef Christopher Haatuft And Lysverket: Forging Innovative Culinary Trends In Norway

Located within a historic building previously known to have housed city power and light company, Lysverket and can be found in Bergen, Norway, in what is now the Bergen Art Museum.

The fine dining establishment is one of the few in the world that resides inside a major art museum. That alone is fairly unusual, but the culinary creations, presentation, and environment of this restaurant is what really warrants a closer look.

First, the name: Lysverket. If what Robert Frost once said, "Poetry is what gets lost in the translation," is true, then this is a great example. Lys means light and verket means building — as it was a building that was the source of city electricity in Bergen. So quite literally, it means building of light. Taking a few poetic leaps, it could indeed infer a restaurant whose culinary creations create hints of new taste awareness, of light and delight when eating.