Chef Alicia Jenish on the Move

Chef Alicia Jenish is bringing modern flair to French cuisine and Sirius Radio

Chef Jenish

After serving as the executive chef at both the Academy Café at the California Academy of Sciences Museum in San Francisco and Revival Bar and Kitchen in Berkley, Calif., chef Alicia Jenish is now redefining French cuisine at the Grand Café Brasserie and Bar in San Francisco. The Daily Meal chatted with her about how she turned traditional French entrées into lighter, healthier options, and has incorporated trends such as whole-animal cooking and house-made pickles, preserved strawberries, figs, and lemons into her menu.

Chef Jenish has also recently created a "Misfit" dinner series that includes dishes made from lamb, albacore, and many other meats. Additionally, the chef is cooking up traditional French pastries to add to the restaurant's dessert list.

Chef Jenish also shared with us her newest endeavor — Sirius Satellite Radio. She will be giving grilling tips as well as interviewing grilling experts like father-daughter team Garry Roark and "Barbecue Princess" Leslie Roark Scott from Ubon's Restaurant in Yazoo City, Miss., and Ford Fry from JCT Kitchen and The Optimist in Atlanta, as well as making cocktails with Cary McCoy from Gwynnett Street. She said " I have never done radio before and was given the tip- be animated."

We were able to get a few previews of grilling tips from her for all of you at-home grilling moguls. Chef Jenish suggested marinating lamb and other tough grades of meet in pomegranate juice or yogurt in order to tenderize the meat. She also favors wrapping fish such as halibut with fig leaves.

If you want more grilling tips from executive chef Alicia Jenish, tune in to SiriusXM 110 at 3 p.m. Friday or catch the recap at 6 PM or 10 PM Eastern.