Cheez-Its Soup To Nuts With 6 Easy Recipes

One of the best things about cooking is how it can surprise you. Combining sweet with savory flavors, adding a smooth texture to a crunchy one, or using a piece of equipment for something it wasn't designed for can yield results that will excite your taste buds and expand your cooking repertoire.

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One of the best ways to let cooking amaze you is by using an unconventional ingredient in a recipe, like, for example, Cheez-Its. The endearing square crackers have been making their way into fans' hearts for more than 90 years now, but rarely do we see them as an ingredient in a recipe. Loved and craved by all for their crunchy texture and real cheese taste, they're mostly thought about as a light and satisfying snack (often eaten by the handful), and few have thought about the taste, texture, and flavor they could add to a meal.

To surprise ourselves, we thought about Cheez-Its and the role they could play in some of our favorite recipes. From soup to nuts, we've tried including the cheesy little squares in recipes fit for every part of the meal.

From appetizers and mains to even desserts, we've created six easy recipes that prove these crackers aren't just for snacking. There are some obvious ones, like a broccoli Cheez-It soufflé and a creamy mac and cheese that use the crackers just like you'd imagine — as a crunchy, cheesy crust — and then there are the not so obvious creations. Ever thought of Cheez-Its and chocolate? You will now, because we've created a chocolate ice cream recipe with them included, and it's oh-so cheesy and good. We've also added an Italian side to the cracker by skipping the breadcrumbs in our traditional meatball recipe and using soaked Cheez-Its instead, and there was even a little experimenting with the savory side of cheesecake.

No matter what dish or what part of the meal you're craving, if you like Cheez-Its, you'll like these recipes. Start experimenting with these Cheez-It recipes and let cooking surprise you — maybe you'll come up with a few additional ones all on your own.

Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce