Cheers To…

What are we toasting this week? Find out!

This week brought on some big news — Justin and Selena are on the outs (or are they?), Twilight comes to an official end, the president finally visits Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island, and Channing Tatum graces not one, but two "Man of the Year" lists. 

As usual, as the week nears its end, we’re toasting the exciting, viral, noteworthy, and hilarious things that happened. 

Here’s what we’re cheers-ing to this week! 

Cheers to… Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez acting their age by breaking up and getting back together again. [TMZ

Cheers to… President Obama visiting Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island and saying, "I’m very proud of you New York." [NY Daily News]

Cheers to… the ultimate finale of the Twilight Saga. Box-office experts are predicting Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will crack the top 10 biggest openings list. Also, cheers to the fact that there is a shocking twist. [MTV]

Cheers to… Guy Fieri and his awesome "I don’t care" attitude [The Daily Meal

Cheers to… Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum topping not only People’s list, but GQ’s as well. Damn you, Jenna Dewan. [People/GQ

Cheers to… The New York Knicks, who are 6-0. So we guess Jason Kidd was a good addition after all, right? [NY Times]

Cheers to… the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera and San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey, who were named MVP by the MLB in their respective leagues. [Sporting News

Cheers to…Twinkies. We’ll love you always and forever, no matter what happens. [Chicago Tribune


Until next week, pop champagne!