Check Out These Wild Burgers From's Burger Week

Burger Week ran from May 1st through 7th, and every year local New York restaurants partner with and Burger Conquest to offer exclusive burgers that can't be found anywhere else. We had the opportunity to sample some of the best ones, and they were insanely delicious. While they're no longer available after tonight, we're sure that if you're feeling inspired, the restaurants involved will be more than happy to recreate them for you.

Le Colonial

Banh Mi Sliders: Burgers topped with Vietnamese ham, foie gras, and pickles on a toasted baguette


Korean Fried Chicken Burgers: Double-fried Korean fried chicken with soy garlic glaze, kimchi slaw, romaine lettuce, red onions, Spam, and house sauce on a toasted bun, with a side of truffle shoestring fries

The New York Beer Company

NYBC Drunken Burgers: Chef's signature juicy burger glazed in Ithaca Apricot Ale, topped with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and BBQ sauce, and served with a side of fries.


Mole Jalapeño Burgers: A six-ounce beef patty, served with lettuce, tomato, and onions, and topped with mole sauce, sliced avocado, sesame seeds, and jalapeño-cheese reduction, served on a whole wheat bun.

House of Brews

Grilled Salmon Burgers: Freshly ground Atlantic salmon patty topped with a housemade pineapple salsa, on a multigrain sunflower seed bun.


Aleo Sirloin Burgers: Fresh ground sirloin burger with caramelized onions, crispy prosciutto, and melted Gorgonzola with pickles on an English muffin, with a side of homemade steak fries.

Lucky's Famous Burgers

L.E.S. Burgers: A beef burger topped with applewood smoked bacon, a fried egg, melted American cheese, jalapeños, ketchup, and chipotle mayo.

Matt's BBQ

Lamb Kofta Burgers: Homemade Indian-spiced lamb patty inside a brioche roll topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion.