Check Out Episode 1 Of Homaro Cantu's 'CookiNG Under Pressure'

Apparently, Homaro Cantu had never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas before deciding that his iNG menu will be based off the Tim Burton movie, but no worries, the entire staff of iNG will watch it with him.

In this preview of Homaro Cantu's new show CookiNG Under Pressure, which they're pitching as "Restaurant Impossible meets Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations," Cantu and his partner Trevor Rose-Hamblin work to create a 10-course menu based off the Burton movie. Cantu and the team head to Z Gallerie in suburban Chicago's Woodfield Mall, create a gin and tonic snowman, trendhunt for macabre paraphernalia, and add some slow-motion effects to the food shots.

The entire thing is some 40 minutes long, with Cantu munching on a carrot and talking about flavor-tripping (thanks to his miracle berry), jammering on about purveyors and Jiro Dreams of Sushi and baby octopus. It's fairly fascinating, with superfluous shots of food porn, but watch ahead anyway. Episode 2 premieres Jan. 1.