Check Out a Deep-Fried iPad

Plus, deep-fried MacBooks and iPods

Deep-Fried iPad and More

We've definitely thought of using our iPad to help us do some cooking, and sure, grilling an iPad did cross our minds, but deep-frying?

Luckily, photographer Henry Hargreaves decided to give it a go, creating images of deep-fried iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, and more. It does not look tasty.

"I found a video of some Japanese kids trying to deep fry a PSP and eat it. It didn't work and they made a mess of it, but I loved the idea and thought it could be expanded and photographed in a beautiful way," Hargreaves told us in an email. "Also I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then [discarded]."

Tech lovers need not fear, however, since these are simply recreations of the gadgets. "I'm not rich enough to buy and destroy the electronics, nor did I want to find out what happens to a lithium battery when it goes in 400° F oil, so I recreated each product from foam core and we went to town on them," Hargreaves clarified. Sure, it's not as awesome, but it's definitely less wasteful than doing the real thing. Check out the images, courtesy of Henry Hargreaves (with food styling by Caitlin Levin) below.

Check out more from his series "Deep Fried Gadgets" at Henry Hargreaves' website.