Check Out Chris Cosentino's Butcher Briefs

Men who want butcher cuts all over their undies might just get that chance; chef Chris Cosentino has paired up with Betabrand to create chef-inspired gear, including the Gluttony Pants, which debuted several years ago.

The new products, however, are just as kitschy; there are "Meat Feet" tube socks with prints of mortadella and prosciutto, and chef jeans that feature a "vented crotch area, due to prlonged proximity to flame." What, he's not wearing sweats in the kitchen?

Most notable, however, have to be these butcher briefs, with butcher cuts all along the, ahem, package. "Women, rejoice! These sports briefs make it perfectly fine to treat the men in your lives as pieces of meat. Dashed cut lines and numbered sections fall randomly across each pair," the blurb says. "I imagine that once in a while, this will result in funny effects in certain areas."

The Meat Feet socks have already reached their goal for production, while Butcher Briefs are at 98 percent to goal (at press time). Head on over to Betabrand to vote.