Check Out Alinea's Cameo On Food Documentary 'Spinning Plates'

Making the film festival rounds these next few months is food documentary Spinning Plates, which has been getting plenty of good press over on Grub Street. Luckily, here's a sneak peek at Alinea's segment in the film, which focuses on three separate restaurants.

In the clip below, Grant Achatz explains the absurdity of their intense craft, with plenty of gorgeous shots of the Alinea kitchen and plates. Director Joseph Levy tells Grub Street that the last few minutes of the film focus on Alinea. "It's kind of like you step inside Grant's mind, look through his eyes, and all at once everything you've been watching for the last hour collides," Levy said.

Other restaurants in the documentary involve a 150-year-old family restaurant, and a startup Mexican restaurant owned by a struggling family. Check out more information over on the Spinning Plates Facebook page. If you recall, this is the same documentary with executive producer Phil Rosenthal, who whisked Thomas Keller off to London to shoot a TV pilot last month. The food world, it seems, is very small.