Check Out a $69,000 Bill for Olympic Officials' Lunch

They bought a bottle of Hennessy 1853 for $23,078

We knew Olympians can pound down calories like no other, but it turns out that Olympic officials can also rack up quite a bill. A photo posted on reddit shows an insane receipt for some £44,660.26 (about $69,000) which Eater instantly picked up on.

"My friend's a waiter and this is a receipt for an official lunch for 15 Olympic Bosses in London. Now we see where all the money's going," the poster wrote.

For the most part, it seems like a pretty standard lunch bill: chicken, fried rice, "exotic fruits," and a sorbet platter. The most outlandish purchase is a bottle of Hennessy 1853, for £19,000, or around $29,000, which tells more about the officials' alcohol preferences than food.

The meal rounded out to roughly $4,000 a person, and while the restaurant is unnamed (and the receipt unverified), perhaps we can assume that all the officials are tired of McDonald's and wanted a good bottle of cognac? Meanwhile, we'll just be here making our sandwiches and drinking office coffee.