Cheap Drinks, No Nonsense

In the mood for cheap drinks at a no-nonsense bar where the doors are always open (seriously, the place never closes)?

Take a stroll down Magazaine street and amongst the many new boutique shops and specialty restaurants you will eventually come across Ms. Mae's, also know as 'The Club.' Despite getting hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, Ms. Mae's was one of the first bars in the area to reopen its doors and today retains its reputation as being the preimminent dive bar in the uptown neighberhood, serving 2 dollar mixed drinks and cold Abita brews and blasting Bob Seger and Willie Nelson for Saints fans, billards and foosball enthusiasts, locals, and tourists alike.  

Need a break from a Mardi Gras parade? Wanna relax after a long day at jazzfest? Need a couple of stiff drinks before a midnight show down the street at the Uptown Tchopitoulas? For those in the know in N.O. it's a no brainer, go see Ms. Mae.