Charlie Trotter's Restaurant Up For Sale

Legendary Chicago restaurant Charlie Trotter's is still hanging in the air, as Trotter has decided to sell the connected townhouses that formerly housed Trotter's restaurant, studio kitchen, and offices.

The Chicago Tribune reports that 814 and 816 W. Armitage Ave. have been listed together for $3.8 million; according to listing agent Suzanne Gignilliat (who is handling the account with Bruce Heller), the properties are marketed together but can be sold separately.

Trotter has reportedly left the space with "over a million dollars of kitchen equipment," but the townhouses aren't specifically designed for a restaurant. In fact, the entire property includes 8,800 square feet of space, including the wine cellar and basement.

Trotter previously auctioned off his wine cellar, menus, tableware, and other restaurnat  paraphernalia, although the auction did not go smoothly last year.

The Tribune reports that Homaro Cantu of moto was reportedly looking into the space but found the asking price "too expensive for my group," Cantu told the Tribune. Other places able to shell out several million dollars can convert the space into a retail space, family homes, or more; we're sure the building's culinary past will be a huge draw for food-loving families.