Charlie Trotter Denies Kicking Students Out, Cursing

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The chef speaks to DNAinfo about the alleged freak-out last week
Charlie Trotter
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The chef speaks out over reports that he cursed at a bunch of students and kicked them out of his restaurant.

After reports surfaced last week alleging that famed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter kicked out (and cursed out) a bunch of students hosting an art show in his restaurants, the chef has gone on record denying the accusations.

Students from After School Matters told Chicago media that Trotter demanded they clean the toilets, called one a "f*cking idot" because he didn't get anything for Trotter to drink, and asked another student if she was going to get a "Charlie Trotter's" tramp stamp. In an interview with DNAinfo, Trotter claims he only asked the students to sweep up "four leaves and two cigarette butts," and "wipe around the rim of the toilets" to prepare the space for their art show.

"All I did was ask them to sweep some stuff up. Like, 'Hey let's get this ready. This is your show.' The place is already pretty spotless," Trotter said. "I think the instructor was thinking I was trying to take advantage of the students."

In response to the drink allegation, Trotter said, "What would I possibly get to drink at the 7-11?," saying he doesn't know anything about that. And for the tattoo incident? "You know me well enough," Trotter told the DNAinfo Chicago reporter. "That's not the way I roll."

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Trotter, who estimates that he's donated about $50,000 to After School Matters, told DNAinfo, "I have no agenda here. I'm trying to help these kids. Next thing you know, I'm in hot water." He doesn't explain the interview with WGN in which he appears to be drunk, but does throw some shade on the camera crew that hung around outside his restaurant Thursday. "That's why Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin beat the crap out of the paparazzi. And I'm not even that famous. I'm not looking for trouble," Trotter said. "Shouldn't these guys be on the South Side looking at black-on-black crime?"