Dining At Charleston's Best Hotels

Charleston, S.C.'s hotels are no strangers signficant accolades and distinctions. Several of the city's top hotels have received recognition in national publications as being some of the best in the country, let alone the Southeast. These hotels, along with others across the area, are celebrating their successes by offierng offering guests package experiences that showcase the city's culinary culture.

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Food lovers can make their experience complete with properties that offer more than just a nice room to stay in. Instead, these hotels celebrate the local culinary flair and provide a chance for guests to cook, tour, and taste in a variety of settings.

Whether you choose custom cook-to-order breakfasts at the 21 East Battery Bed & Breakfast, or hands-on cooking classes at Zero George, there are no shortage of places to stay and experience great food in Charleston. In addition to great dining options, many (like The Restoriation on King) are also nearby some of the city's best restaurants.

Check out the slideshow to learn more about some of our favorite culinary-based experiences at Charleston hotels that any food lover should consider.