Channing Tatum Opening New Orleans Restaurant


Breaking News: Magic Mike, erm, we mean Channing Tatum of Magic Mike fame, is opening a restaurant in New Orleans (sadly, not Tampa).

The restaurant-slash-bar will be called Saints & Sinners, with the tagline, "Where the red light is always on." Facebook tells us it'll be opening in the first two weeks of October, and it just started hiring bartenders, waitstaff, and kitchen staff this past Monday.

Unfortunately (and so unlike Magic Mike Tatum), all the eye candy seems to be of the female variety, according to the cover photo, but the Facebook page promises "Sumptuous food, sexy atomsphere...a sinfully good time."

The place is vamping up the menu, which looks like it's filled with all-American classics like steaks, shrimp, and cheesy sandwiches, all branded stylistically with an ampersand.

As for why New Orleans and not Tampa? Reports back in March said Tatum fell in love with New Orleans after filming 21 Jump Street in the area. "People come to New Orleans with a little bit of money in their pocket and they have one thing they want to do with it — and that's spend it and party with it and go crazy," Tatum reportedly said, "And I want to help facilitate that."

Now if someone will facilitate us booking a flight to New Orleans with a roll of singles, that would be great. We wonder if "Pony" will be on the restaurant's soundtrack.