Champagne and Crumpets: High Tea at Claridge's Adds a Grown-Up Twist


Claridge’s is no stranger to luxury. This elegant five-star hotel loves teatime and offers it for kids and adults alike. However, when booking your next afternoon tea session you may want to leave the kiddos at home because the property is busting out bottles of Champagne.


Old-fashion tea parties are still considered a luxury by most in London, in fact calling them old-fashion can even stir up some controversy. During the hotel's Champagne Afternoon Tea, guests can sip on the bubbly treat while mingling with friends and family. Claridge’s has a selection of nearly 40 teas from around the world that complement their delectable finger sandwiches. 

Along with their carefully selected teas, they also serve appetizing scones with Marco Polo jelly or Cornish clotted cream on their signature raisin and apple scones. If you are in the mood for something a little more sweet, the property has an assortment of pastries to choose from as well. 


The festivities start at around USD $61 per person, depending on the selection of Champagne. With its first-class amenities and highly-sought after accommodations, you may even turn an afternoon into an overnight stay. So go ahead, have another sip of that bubbly.