Chai Latte Cupcakes Recipe

The flavors of this delicious spiced tea latte are easy to incorporate into baking
Chai Latte Cupcakes Recipe

Chai tea is characterized by its use of spices like anise and cinnamon.

Chai lattes (spiced black tea with warm milk and a little bit of milk foam) are a popular drink when the weather starts to get colder. Though chai lattes are not inherently sweet (rather, they’re characterized by the use of spices like anise and cinnamon), they are often served that way. The balance of sweet and spicy flavors in a chai latte make it perfect for baking.

Though the flavors of a chai latte could be incorporated into many different desserts and baked goods, adding a hint of chai to cupcakes is popular. Best of all, this chai latte cupcake recipe couldn’t be easier; it uses instant chai latte tea mix , boxed cake mix, and prepared frosting as a base for the latte-inspired treat. Though there is a bit of cooking involved, it will definitely take less time than making a similar treat from scratch; and it will taste just like a chai latte!

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