Certified Sustainable Sushi at Bamboo

The sushi is certified sustainable, but don’t miss the cooked items
Yelp/ Kenny C.


Bamboo sushi is the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world, and that’s not just a gimmick. They’ve partnered with organizations including The Marine Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean Institute, Salmon Nation, KidSafe Seafood, and the Green Restaurant Association to never serve seafood that’s on any “avoid” lists. They also purchase all their non-seafood meat from local, organic, and sustainable farms. They’re also certified green, meaning that they do everything they can do reduce their carbon footprint, including composting and biodegradable to-go containers.

But on to the food. You can get your standard, sushi, for sure, but there are also some truly fascinating combinations. Think kanpachi carpaccio with red jalapeno, black tobiko, miso dressing, and cilantro; albacore tuna with smoked cippolini onion, pickled shiitake, momiji, ponzu, chervil, and Japanese sea salt; and yellowfin tuna poke with cucumbers, onions, wakame, and sesame dressing.


And make sure you don’t miss their cooked items. The Alaskan black cod with smoked soy and roasted garlic glaze is one of the city’s finest dishes, and it’s also one of the few places where you’ll find that most infamous of bivalves, geoduck.