Celebrity-Inspired Date: Justin Bieber And Tyler, The Creator

A strawberry milkshake for two, please! Fatburger put out an Instagram picture of Justin Bieber and Tyler, the Creator chowing down at a location on Los Angeles' Sunset Blvd at 3:30 a.m. with an awesome order receipt. The duo reportedly  ordered two burgers and split a strawberry milkshake and "skinny" fries and sat down for a relaxing, indulgent meal. The world is buzzing about the impromptu burger run — but what's wrong with two guys spending time together? In fact, we think every guy should sneak out for a bro-date with his best bud that doesn't involve a seedy strip club. But where do you go to get some quality guy time in? Believe it or not, most of the spots you'd take a romantic date to are just as great for catching up with a friend. So leave the ladies at home (trust us, they'll love a night off, too) and hang out with the guys at these great bro-date spots.

Dinner at Your Place
The Biebs and Tyler, The Creator are cool with splitting a meal, so why shouldn't you be? Invite your friends over for some brews and burgers while you sit around and catch up. A date where you get to belch at the table? Sounds like heaven to us!

Do a Movie Night
If your girlfriend isn't into movies involving the holy trinity of war, robotics, and karate, you don't have to miss out on the action. Go out or stay in for a night of awesome on screen action time. You and your bud will bond over the flick and you won't be putting your girlfriend through unnecessary torture.

Go to the Park
The park isn't just a picnicking place for lovers. Ask your friend to meet you at the local park and toss a football around or play Frisbee. You and your friend will relish in the opportunity to spend some time together outside just shooting the breeze.