Celebrity Chefs' Guide To Seattle

As proof that Seattle is a major player in the culinary world, 25 local restaurants have popped up on Urbanspoon Guides, a series of guides created by celebrity chefs.

See Celebrity Chefs' Guide to Seattle: Chef's 25 Favorite Seattle Restaurants Slideshow

The restaurants, from Japanese to seafood to Northwest cuisine, are the recommendations of Seattle chefs Thierry Rautureau, Don Curtiss, Jason Stratton, Kathy Casey, Holly Smith, and Ethan Stowell, who have created their personal food guides to let Urbanspoon users in on where they like to eat on their nights off.

Urbanspoon recently launched Urbanspoon Guides, a new feature that allows diners to create personal lists of dining favorites, from the 'Best Burger Joints' in LA to 'Restaurants You Can Paddle To' in Seattle. The new Guides offer easily digestible content that helps diners quickly navigate restaurants in various cities while on the go. Whether on mobile or Web, users can get quickly view the best restaurants through other users' unique perspectives, without having to wade through pages and pages of user reviews.

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