Celebrating a Football Legend, the Buffalo Wing

Looking back to when this bar food staple was invented.

Could you imagine watching a football game without gnawing on spicy, sauce-drenched chicken wings? Well, if it wasn’t for Buffalo-local Teressa Bellisimo, then it wouldn’t be possible.

On a cold night in 1964, Teressa needed to make a snack for her son who was bartending at their restaurant, Anchor Bar. So she threw some leftover chicken parts, usually reserved for stock, into a deep fryer, doused them with a secret sauce and served them – that’s right, she invented Buffalo wings as we know them today.

Saturday October 30th is the 46th anniversary of this crowd-favorite and a time to acknowledge Anchor Bar and the city of Buffalo for their great contribution to bar food. So while you devour your wings this weekend, maybe pause, pre-blue-cheese dunk, to share this fun, anniversary fact with your friends.


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