Celebrate Your Favorite Bartender with Sailor Jerry


Sailor Jerry is celebrating National Bartender Day and now you can help them by nominating your favorite bartender.

How much time do you spend at your local bar with all your friends? Do you frequently buy at least a dozen shots only to realize your faithful bartender failed to charge you for the last two shots (that wasn’t an accident by the way)? Have you accidently forgotten to tip the poor soul that stands behind the bar catering to your every need? That’s OK, it happens to everyone. Bartenders know that you’re probably not being a malicious jerk, but sometimes they do need to be recognized for their hard work.

"Sailor Jerry, the 92-proof iconic spiced rum, is kicking off the search for America's most appreciated bartenders."

A lot of people don’t know that bartending isn’t just a job. It’s a craft. There are long hours, endless complaints from customers, and then there are the people that have no appreciation for all that bartenders do on a regular basis. When you approach a bar, it’s always important to remember that on any given night a bartender might see a few hundred faces, but you only get one of them. They are the face of the bar and have to keep a smile on even when a drink has just been thrown at them.

That’s why The Daily Meal started the "Meet Your Bartender" column, where every Wednesday we feature a new bartender who shares with us a little about their hysterical stories from behind the bar and a little about their craft. It’s a chance to understand bartending and how hard your bartender works for you. And now, Sailor Jerry has caught onto bartender appreciation. They’re offering you the chance to honor and thank your bartender by nominating them for Sailor Jerry's "Bartender Appreciation Day."

A recent press release informed us that "Sailor Jerry, the 92-proof iconic spiced rum, is kicking off the search for America's most appreciated bartenders. On Dec. 6 — Bartender Appreciation Day — two bars in the U.S. will win the ultimate thank you, a kick-ass concert. The bartender will win a pop-up live gig in their bar."


All you have to do is nominate your favorite bartender at this website before Oct. 28 and tell Sailor Jerry who the bartender is, where they work, and why you appreciate them. Sailor Jerry will then pick 30 outstanding nominees and in November, you'll get a chance to vote for your bartender to win the final blowout bash and be named America's most appreciated. Two bars/bartenders will walk away champions. So maybe you had a rough night at the bar on Saturday and maybe you forgot to leave the full 20 percent tip — now is your chance to redeem yourself and nominate your bartender!