Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the (Kinda) Irish Way

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the (Kinda) Irish Way

Photo by Lauren Thiersch

ST. PATRICK’S DAY IS COMING! You know what that means: Time to chow down on some of the best Irish foods out there.  Ok so they’re not all exactly Irish…

Shamrock Shakes
Shamrock Shake

Photo by Vasenka Photography

What’s a true holiday without the Americanized, commercialized version of it?  McDonald’s sells these minty green milkshakes for only a  few weeks each year, so you better get one quick.  Not sure if your McDonald’s has released ‘em yet? Check out this website to see if they’re on a menu near you. Please don’t be surprised by rumors that they are unhealthy because they are filled with fat, dairy and sugar, the staples of a delicious diet.  Just suck it up (and in), and splurge on these to celebrate one of the best days of the year.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage
corned beef and cabbage with beer (after adding veggies)

Photo by Queenofthemoodswing

If there’s any day to eat corned beef and cabbage, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Corned beef is cured with “corns,” or grains, of salt, which is exactly why it tastes SO salty.  Have it with some potatoes, and you’ve got yourself the perfect St. Patty’s Day dinner. 

Lucky Charms
Brands ~ General Mills Lucky Charms

Photo by Erjkprunczyck

No, they don’t give you good luck.  No, they aren’t Irish.

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson Irish Whiskey

Photo by Jameson Irish Whiskey

I had a chance to visit a Jameson distillery this summer, where I learned about how Jameson became the #1 brand of Irish whiskey.  Unlike American or Scottish whiskey (which is typically distilled twice), Jameson and other Irish whiskey is distilled three times!   If you’re looking for some drink ideas, try this great recipe!

Photo by jamesonwhiskey.com

Photo by Jamesonwhiskey.com

Photo by Lauren Thiersch

Photo by Lauren Thiersch

Guinness, a dry stout, is the best selling alcoholic drink in Ireland. All Guinness beer sold in the UK, Ireland and North America is brewed in Ireland at the historic St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin (shown below). That’s about as authentic as it gets.

Photos by Lauren Thiersch

Photos by Lauren Thiersch

In short, it doesn’t matter if you go all out on St. Patrick’s Day or if you just eat the marshmallows out of that bowl of Lucky Charms. Celebrate Irish heritage the best way you can – with food!

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