Celebrate Macaroni Day

Delicious recipes for enjoying everyone’s favorite pasta shape all month long

Bobby Flay's Mac and Cheese Carbonara

Not to be confused with the eccentrically fashionable fellows of 18th century England, macaroni (as most of us know it) is a type of machine-made pasta made. It refers to the specific kind of dough the pasta is made of rather than it's shape — the most common of which are the small elbows, penne, and tiny shells.  

National Macaroni Day is July 7th, and what better way to pay homage to this eggless pasta by preparing it in a dish for every meal of the day. From the classic macaroni and cheese to more unexpected recipes like pancakes and desserts starring macaroni, cooking with the pasta has never been so much fun. Looking to add more pizzazz to your plate? Swap out the plain yellow elbows for those in a variety of different colors.


For Breakfast:

Mac n’ Cheese Pancakes

A favorite served at Shopsin’s at Essex Market in New York City. 


Macaroni Frittata  

Who says you can’t serve pasta for breakfast? Toss leftover pasta into your weekend baked egg dish, then round out your plate with a side of baked ham or bacon and roasted tomatoes.


As a Side or Appetizer:

Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls

A delectable combination of pasta and cheese that is deep-fried until crispy. This recipe would be the perfect addition to your Friday night movie menu and will delight both kids and adults when served at a child’s birthday party.


Macaroni Salad with Summer Tomatoes 

An easy, yet classic side dish to serve along with grilled chicken for a dinner with friends. The addition of fresh, vibrant red tomatoes makes this an outstanding recipe to make all summer long.    


Gluten-Free Pastitsio

A simple spin on the traditional Greek entrée that is gluten-free and great to serve a crowd of hungry kids and adults.


Macaroni and Cheese Carbonara

The classic spaghetti carbonara gets a cheesy upgrade in this delicious recipe from Bobby Flay (so good it earned him a Throwdown win).



PointsPlus Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This lighter interpretation of the beloved family-favorite comfort food means you can watch your waist and still indulge. Easy to bake and prepare, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests.


Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

The classic combination of macaroni and cheese gets a luxe upgrade with the addition of fresh, juicy lobster in this summertime dish that is perfect to serve for an outdoor party or summer BBQ with friends.      


Macaroni and Cheese Pie

It’s a pie of all trades! A quick, easy appetizer is doubles as dinner during the week with the addition of a side salad.   


For Dessert:

Noodle Pudding


Sure, you can top pasta with tomato sauce, but why not toss it into a rich vanilla and cherry-studded custard, as well? When served with a drizzle of cherry syrup, this cool, creamy pudding is a family-friendly dessert perfect for summer.